Considering Surrendering an Animal?

Sometimes it's just not possible to keep a pet, but before making a final decision, here are some things to consider trying first.


  • Consult a trainer or behaviorist for help with common behavioral problems.

  • Talk with your veterinarian to rule out possible medical issues your pet may be experiencing.

  • Look for an alternate place to live that accepts pets.

  • Talk with friends or family to determine if they would be able to commit to taking care of your pet.


If you have run out of options and need a place to take your pet for re-homing, please contact us at (209) 982-5073 during our business hours Tuesday-Saturday from 10 to 5 p.m.  We will need to schedule a time for you to bring your pet out for an evaluation.  We are unable to take in sick or injured animals as we do not have a veterinarian on staff.  We do not accept aggressive animals.  We have limited amounts of space on any given day, so please call us first to make sure we have room for the animal you need to surrender.  If we do not have space on the day you call, we can still help you with additional resources.


Necessary Documentation:


  • If you choose to relinquish ownership of your pet, we will ask for the following:  A valid form of photo ID of the owner.

  • Any medical records pertaining to the pet (you can have your vet fax them to us if necessary).

  • A completed owner surrender agreement with a brief profile of the pet’s habits and behaviors (available at the shelter).

  • A donation to help us cover the care of the animal while in our care, if possible.


If your pet has any special food, supplies or toys, please bring those in at the time of surrender.


What Happens Next?

At our shelter, all animals receive necessary veterinary care, nutritious food, exercise and plenty of love and attention from our experienced staff. Animals stay with us until they find a new home.  We do not euthanize the animals here at the shelter.  Dogs are allowed to go into play groups once they have adjusted to being in the shelter and based on their ability to get along with other dogs.  They have swimming pools to play in when the weather is warm.  In colder weather the animals have heated indoor areas to retreat into.  The amount of time a typical pet stays here can vary, depending on the breed, but an average is around 2 weeks.

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