Sweet Sage

This beautiful girl is Sage. We received a call from Stockton Animal Services that they had rescued several dogs from a hoarding situation and needed help with finding shelters who had space. Curtis and I went to the shelter and picked out 4 dogs who were all nursing puppies and brought them in. Sage was one of the 4 moms and had actually given birth in the Animal Services truck on the way back to their shelter. We provided a quiet kennel with a whelping box for her to nurse her two tiny puppies. She was a great mom and after they were weaned, the puppies were quickly adopted out; however, Sage was very shy and stayed here. She came in June of 2015 and the staff patiently interacted with her daily. She never was a dog who wanted to be touched too much, but really loved to go into the play yard with her other dog friends. One by one, Sage’s yard buddies got homes, but because of her shy nature, no one seemed willing to give her a chance. Finally in November of 2016 a kind retired couple came out to meet Sage. She was her usual shy self and acted very aloof and the staff held their breath wondering if maybe Sage would finally get adopted. After seeing how comfortable she was with the staff she knew, they decided to adopt her and give her a chance at a life in a home. They have updated us recently to let us know that she is doing great in her new home and is slowly gaining their trust. We are thrilled for Sage who finally got her happy ending!

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