Our Journey with "Journey"

This poor guy came in to the shelter on January 13th. This was his incoming picture. We will be adding new pictures as he makes progress. We are in the middle of many treatments for serious skin issues which his owner could no longer manage. We are grateful for those who have been sending in donations to help us to get this precious dog well.

Journey on January 21, his face looking less red and he is feeling soooo much better. Eating better and far more energy than last week. Keep up the good work boy!

Journey as of 2/2/16. You can see his skin is far less red now. Hair is beginning to regrow and he is hardly itching now thanks to his medications. We'll keep you posted.....

Here is an updated shot of Journey as of June, 2016. He is looking great and we hope to begin finding him a home soon once we get a firm prognosis on his long-term care situation.

September, 2016: The best ending to this "happy tail". Journey has finally found a new home. The first 2 shots are him getting into the truck with his new dad. The third shows him chilling in his new home with his adoptive family. We are so happy for you big guy!!

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