Help with Veterinary Bills


Pets & Pals Animal Shelter is frequently contacted by people who are having trouble affording veterinary care or facing a medical emergency.  While we do not have funding to assist with the cost of a pet's vet bills, we have provided some links to organizations which may be able to assist you.



You can also check with these national organizations for more information:



Help with pet food and supplies


If you need assistance with food for your pet, we recommend that you check with your local food bank to see if they have any pet food available to distribute.


Post-adoption medical needs


Pets & Pals Animal Shelter does not have a veterinary center and cannot provide medical  treatment of any animal after leaving our shelter.  We do ask that you get your pet examined by a vet within a week of adoption and consider purchasing the pet health insurance if that is an option for you.  If an animal is examined by a vet within the period on your contract and is found to have a health issue we were unaware of, we will take the animal back and issue a full refund to you.

For information on First Aid for pets, here is a good article to read, submitted by our friends at the Girl Scouts: